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  • Do you do business with retailers?

    We are a wholesale only market, but have plenty of wholesalers that a retailer can get to easily.

  • What limits are drivers required to carry?

    Drivers are required to carry at least the minimum state financial limits for their home state.

  • Do you have a safety program that I can give my client?

    Yes—email Holly at holly@sunderland.ins for more information

  • Do you write primary coverage for the drivers?

    No, we are excess of the drivers coverage or a primary policy held by the corporation.

  • Do you write other lines of business other than the H&NOA?

    No, our specialty is the H&NOA piece, we have been writing it for over 20 years and we give it 100% of our attention.

  • Who is responsible for Surplus Lines Tax/Fee filings?

    In CA Sunderland is responsible for the filings. In all other states the filings are the responsibility of the wholesaler or retailer.

  • Can you cover Independent Contractors?

    Yes. We require a copy of the Independent Contractor contract to review prior to quoting.

  • Do you require MVRs in order to quote?

    No on Food Delivery, MVR's are not required on Food delivery accounts until 30 days after binding. Yes on Food Couriers because drivers are scheduled on the policy.